What if Scrooge Didn’t Change?

December 24th, 1878.  Bob Crachit tries to put another coal on the fire.  “That’s coming out of your salary, Crachit.”

“Oh sir, may I have Christmas off?”

“No you may not, Crachit.   On second thought, yes, you can have Christmas off and every day after that because you are fired, Crachit.  Christmas is a poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every twenty-fifth of December.  I’ve hired Israel Schwartz.  He will work every December 25th.

Israel Schwartz requires less food, and coal on the stove, which is good.  Then, Scrooge found out the downside.  Israel is an Orthodox Jew and requires all the Jewish holidays off.  Scrooge is trying to do the calculation of whether  Bob Crachit was really cheaper.  Hmm, let’s see…  Schwartz wants all the Jewish holidays off, but doesn’t waste coal.  Crachit has that giant brood including Tiny Tim.  Bah humbug!  It works out to be the same!

Scrooge becomes an adviser to Prime Minister Gladstone.  He is saving lots of money until he angers the British public, when he tells the Prime Minster saving General Gordon from the Mahdi in Khartoum is a mistake.  Scrooge is vilified.

To escape being lynched, Scrooge escapes to Birmingham, Alabama to become a steel magnate.

I’ll leave any one else to take up the story.

Sudan. Khartoum. Bronze monument of General Go...

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