October 28th 2011, My Week on the Bus.

Sunday, October 23rd.  I had to go to the library to return a bunch of books and pick up a book for each of us on reserve.

For the bus going, I walked to the shelter on the corner of Camino Seco and Broadway.  There were two women there, with a little boy, one looked albino.  Another guy who sounded a bit slow.  He was going to the library as well.

I listened to their conversation, only talking to tell them what time the bus was.  This was poor people’s Tucson.  They wandered the West almost like nomads, looking for opportunity.

The bus driver was a real jerk.  When the ladies wanted to get off, they rang the bell, but they had to shout to get off.  I was sitting up front, and I ran into a regular rider who had to take a second job.  We were talking about the economy and Herman Cain’s 999 plan.

When the kid and I got off the bus at Broadway and Wilmot, he crossed the street.  I was happy to stay by myself, the West side of Wilmot there is all sidewalk and has more shade, the East side has areas over a wash and sand and broken sidewalks.

I passed a homeless man with a sign sitting crosslegged at the corner who asked me for money.  I told him I didnt even have change on me.  He wasn’t impressed asking me if I had a roof over my head.  When I said yes, he said you have more than me.  Well I guess I did, but nothing I could share.

Got to the library got our books, and read Newsweek and Psychology Today for articles I skimmed when we went to coffee from our RWA Chapter meeting the day before.

It was 93 degrees today.  I would have walked home if it were ten degrees cooler.  I waited reading my book at the bus stop.  I had just missed a Harrison bound bus and had to wait.  Was glad I wasn’t driving, horns honking, all sorts of Sunday drivers out there.

When the bus arrived, air conditioning was so nice…

Monday-As quiet as my regular driver is on the number 8 going to work, I was glad to have him back, because at least he doesn’t bypass my stop like the guy did on Friday.  On the number 11, we talked about our weekends.  Loretta was having fun because she’s a member of the Steeler Nation and they won.  I’ve met so many people here, who are originally from Pittsburgh.

Walking down Mossman to work, I saw a cat, who looks like my little buddy Yerbie.  I’ve seen him before.  Definitely a street cat, he’s afraid of folks.

There is a new Chihuahua on the block.  He tried to bark at me and couldn’t pull it off.  I looked at him cross eyed and said, you’d look good on a bun!  🙂

Coming home was quiet.  James and I were too quiet to chat and Elizabeth wasn’t on the bus, I hope her mother is OK.  Hope I see her Wednesday.

Tuesday:  On the number 11, Lynn, Loretta and I talked about customer service.  Loretta works for American Airlines, Lynn for Sears.  There are the times, we want to enforce the rules of our company lol!  All I could think of was that song, “I’ve Got the Power!”  Just silly LOL!

Coming home James and I chatted about ISO visiting our workplaces.  I got one Harrison bus earlier.  It was jammed, people kept cutting the bus off and he was calling out to passengers to give up seats and landmarks.  Just glad to be home.

Wednesday:  On the 11, there were two fun things about the morning crew.  Lynn went over to say something to my work friend Travis Owens.  On the way back, she kept staggering and bumped against a man.  Loretta and I laughed and figured out the dance steps.  Step two forward, two back, one forward one back, fall on man and sit down safely.

Then, Sarah proceeded to tell us about her move last weekend.  It was a long tale, and Loretta and are were laughing, especially when Loretta said, “This is the short version.”

I laughed and said “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

When Travis and I got off the bus, the good news was the bushes were cut, the bad news was I had to pry a thorn off my pants leg.  The sun is just coming up.

The hazards of Mossman at sunrise.  We heard the cock crow.

Coming home on the number 11, James and I spoke about the debris from the March tsunami in Japan, floating to America.  This came up from talking about Hawaii.  Funny, how there can be changes in direction.  I first mentioned my friend wanting to have a writers retreat in Hawaii, then I said I want to go, because my birthday is December 7th.  I thought, many of the tourists are Japanese.  If I saw one laughing, would I lose my cool?  (I would certainly try not to).

We had a lot of passengers and a man in a wheelchair got on at 22nd Street.  I felt bad when I asked the driver to let us off at the light at Alvernon and Broadway, because the light turned green for the number 11, while we got off, holding up traffic wanting to turn right on Broadway, but we were late and I thought I would miss my number 8 (though I needn’t worry, she was 18 minutes late).

Elizabeth was on the number 8.  I’m sorry to say I was right.  Her Mom died Saturday.  I may have made a book sale on the bus by meeting someone who says she enjoys hearing my voice.

My regular number 8 driver is weird.  She always makes sure to wish me a good night, and I have to respond with “And you as well.”

Traffic was crazy and there was a man in a wheelchair who had other problems.  We had to wake him up, because the driver forgot to ask him where he was getting off.  He said to someone on his cell phone Stop! and she slammed on the brakes at the light at Jessica.  We had to remind her to let the man off at Pantano.


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