November 4th, 2011, My Week on the Bus.





Sunday, October 30th-Had to go down to Barnes and Noble to help with the audit for my writers group, Saguaro Romance Writers.  Bus was slightly delayed for a wheelchair, and for these two women, one delayed her bus while another was looking at a motorcycle.  The one at the stop asked the driver to wait.  Some folks…

Took care of our audit and hung out, then took the bus to the library to get our books.  Then my wife and I walked hand in hand the back way behind St. Josephs Hospital and down to Jessica and the bus stop there.  It was 73 degrees and nice out.  Then the bus home.  Great day.

Monday-This morning, not as cold.  On the number 11, had a laugh with two women about someone else’s call center where she was called twice in a row.  The caller hated her the first time, didn’t recognize her voice and liked her the second time.  We have dress up @ work for Halloween, I didn’t dress up, I’m ugly enough to be my own costume.  Well tricks to customers, back later.

On the number 11 coming home, I sat next to my friend, Travis Owens.  He works in Technical Publications in my company.  We mostly talked about work.

Elizabeth was on the number 8.  The first thing she told me was her bus going too work was in an accident, when an SUV kept pushing the driver on the curb and finally bumped her and got his side dented, as though he was trying to run the bus off Broadway.  She told me one fool started screaming, “I smell smoke (from the tired), the engine’s gonna catch fire.  All, but one other passenger scattered.  Many workplaces in town have a zero tolerance for late, if you’re late, you’re disciplined.  Elizabeth stayed, filled out a card for Sun Tran and told them and the police that Grace (the driver) wasn’t at fault.  The SUV driver tried to claim, he was already in front of the bus and she rear ended him, but the side of his vehicle tells another story.

I told her about last Friday’s confrontation between the crazy lady and the English lady.  She agreed, she would not have bothered to separate them.

At Craycroft, someone standing in at the rear doors had to work to close them.  The driver opened the rear doors against a power pole.

The driver yelled at the guy before he got off for leaning on the side of the door.

I notice now that I’m not driving every day here, how crazy people can be.  Elizabeth told me Monday, Friday, bad weather, and sporting events are bad for driving in Dallas Fort Worth.

After Elizabeth got off, my new ex-New York friend Sarah was on the bus.  She was wearing an old Detroit Lions shirt, with Barry Sanders number.  She’s a Lions fan, because of Barry Sanders.  I told her how young she is for having a nine year old son (I know, flattery will get you everywhere, LOL)!  She wants to take him to New York for Christmas and one day wants to take him Detroit for a Lions game.

This strange woman sitting by us kept asking people to use their cell phone.  She borrowed Sarah’s and called whoever saying she was at Broadway and Grant.  Anyone who knows Tucson knows this is impossible, for the two streets are parallel.  She handed Sarah the phone, thanked her and got off at Prudence cursing.  I told them the story of Mr. Patel looking for Wal-Mart, wondering if he’s still wandering Tucson.

Tuesday:  The morning was quiet.  So was the 11 coming home.  Made the Harrison bus before mine.  That was late and jammed.  I hadn’t seen the blind couple in a while.  A woman who I saw in the morning sat next to me.  I asked if she had a Kindle or Nook and may have made another sale of my book.  Actually, I worked with her eight years ago, her name is Marcia, and she now works with eight other people in the Qantas office in Tucson.  Only group tours are booked here now, the other reservations office moved to New Zealand.  She remembered me from Infonxx, I only remembered her later.  She says she remembered my voice.  She was getting off at Park Place Mall to buy some stuff because she had a business meeting in Australia, leaving tomorrow, coming back Sunday.

Otherwise, the bus was a zoo.  A very heavy woman in a wheelchair got on the bus at Craycroft.  She was angry because Curt and his wife (the blind couple) were seated in the front.  The driver told her not to worry he would get her near the rear door.  (Earlier, he made some folks get up for the couple).  She was getting off at Pantano and the driver had to yell at this kid with headphones to wait.  After she got off, the driver said, “I’ll bet you ten dollars, she’s gonna file a complaint against me.”

I am not picking on people in wheelchairs, I have had to help such folks.  I suspect this woman took advantage of this.

The conversation was also a bit gruesome for some about a woman, who is on life-support, because an SUV hit her at Palo Verde and Drexel and try to run.  The passenger telling the story witnessed this, tried to help the woman, who had been thrown in the air, then run over.  The skin was peeled back from her head, exposing her skull, she said.  Three guys, one an Air Force guy stopped the SUV driver from running and grabbed his car keys.  There were other stories of people cutting in front of buses and bicyclists being hit from behind, almost hitting kids and not obeying crosswalks.

Once Marcia got off, my ride on the number 8 was tough, I was glad to be home.

Wednesday:  On the Number 11 this morning, Loretta was off, so we were making out as though our entire day was wrecked and made jokes about how we are going to be rude on our first calls.  (They were crazy, I didn’t need help).

James was on the 11 coming home and we talked about Otzi The Iceman and the short story I ‘m making of his death as a whodunit.

Elizabeth and I were philosophical about how we are poorer economically, but happier living in Tucson.

Thursday:  Going to work on the number 11 Loretta is back and she told a story about calling a call center in India and the woman who answered the phone said her name was Loretta.

Coming home on the 11, the walk to the bus was beautiful.  James, Louis and I talked about work vacations, American vs. European and the financial meltdown in Greece.

On the bus I read a book by J.J. Murphy called Murder Your Darlings.  He did a great a job using the Algonquin Round Table as investigators, investigating a murder, where William Faulkner appears and has to be cleared as a suspect.  Want to read the next one.

Friday:  On the number 8 going in, I was awake and read more of Murder Your Darlings.  This young lady who rides my bus spoke to me for the first time when I said bless you, when she was sitting behind me and sneezed.  I waved to her from the number 11.  Normally she just sits smokes and listens to headphones.  On the number 11, Lynn, Loretta and I talked about customer service and calls.  We teased Sara about her multiple small pieces of paper with notes.

Walking down Mossman, I was greeted by many barking dogs.  Then, I saw what they were barking at.  A coyote across the narrow street.  He just looked at me and puttered away.  Then, the rooster crowed.

Coming home on the 11, one woman on the bus saw my Red Sox shirt and told me she grew up in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  James was a wiseguy and said, “His wife makes him wear it.”  Boo hoo.

When she got off the bus at Benson Highway, James and I talked history, mostly between the American Civil War and how many what ifs you can have in history.

We talked about Gettysburg and what a close call it was for the Union.  We talked about the Algonquin Round Table and the book I was reading Murder Your Darlings.  I realized how great a job J.J. Murphy did writing about the period right after World War I.  Then James mentioned Lend Lease and we talked about Pearl Harbor and did FDR know it was coming.

My number 8 coming home was on time and empty, because a Wilmot-Pima bus was just ahead of it and picked most of the passengers up.  Elizabeth wasn’t on the bus, but told me she might not be.

And that was my week on the bus.



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  1. Wow what a crazy week! Thanks for helping with the audit!

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