December 30th, 2011, My Week on the Bus.

Carter at a book signing in Phoenix, Arizona

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Monday:    I had to go into work an hour and a quarter later than normal, because Sun Tran ran on a Sunday schedule.

My number 8 had this crazy lady I see occasionally.  She addressed me as Mike.  Not sure if she really knows my name or what.

The driver had trouble closing the front door of the bus when he pulled out from a stop.  It would only close when the driver started up, but that made the bus cold and people said so.  There was the girl with the blue hair, who sat opposite me.

When I transferred at Broadway and Alvernon, I only had a ten minute wait for the number 11, which was standing room only.

Tuesday:  Lee told me about Christmas Eve tracking UPS packages.  CNN called UPS “The Grinch That Stole Christmas,”  making the calls even less fun than usual.

When I boarded the 11, Sara and I talked about my childhood friend Lizzie, who she now knows.  It was cold walking down Mossman from the bus.

On the 11 coming home, Louis and then Wayne and I talked about alternative history and James Michener.

Was quiet looking out the window on the number 8.  Tired.

Wednesday:  Lee got on my number 8, she teased me about being Sleeping Beauty, because I was taking a nap.  We got on the number 11 and teased Lynn, because she wasn’t on Monday or Tuesday.  She’d been telling people all morning.  I told her to send up smoke signals next time.

There’s a man, who rides our bus every so often.  He works, lives in a group home and his name is Sean.  He is developmentally challenged, tries to join groups.  Loretta was unnerved because he knew her name, but he listens to us talk.  He talked about his girlfriend being beaten up.  She lives out in Ajo, Arizona (two and a half hour West of Tucson on Arizona Route 86).

Walking to work down Mossman, my legs to a while to get loose, it was cold.  Walking back up Mossman, I thought I heard ongoing gunshots.  It was sunny and nice returning to the bus stop.  Got on, talked to Wayne about call centers in general and Sears in particular.

Elizabeth was on my number 8 coming home.  She finally has television, and saw the funeral for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.  She was being sarcastic and said I like to be informed of these things.

“Why I asked, were you planning to emulate Jimmy Carter and send a condolence card?”  “She hit me playfully, “No silly.”

The recent multiple murder in Grapevine, Texas hit Elizabeth because that’s where she moved to Tucson from.  A previous murder hit her daughter hard, because it involved a young man she was friends with who was murdered by his father.  It’s hard, but you know what they say, Six Degrees of Separation.

Thursday:  Coming home on the number 11, the woman, whose husband was the Secretary of War under President McKinley was telling us about the military background in her family and about now her son’s in the military.  We also saw a truck pulled over by the same sheriff’s deputy who stopped our driver.  These folks had their hands raised in the air.


Friday:  Going to work this morning, our number 11 was a major circus. Sarah brought Red Velvet cookies she made.  We were rowdy and telling jokes.  Loretta told a story about a tour bus that was stopped by police because the teenagers going on a ski trip had marijuana.  No one was arrested, but the stuff was confiscated of course.

Coming home, a toothless guy at the number 11 stop asked me for change, I had none.  Loretta was on the bus, she had change.  Someone the old man knew got on at Butterfield Park and they were talking about their employer.

Loretta was getting off at 22nd Street.  She gave me a hug, wished me Happy New Year and told me to behave.  I said the only thing I’m doing is going to the library tomorrow.  Like my supervisor, she said I can get in a lot of trouble in a library.  Hmmm, this doesn’t sound good.  A woman, who works at Fry’s got on.  The toothless man, said “Sit next to me, I don’t bite.”  She laughed and said “No worries, I’m engaged.

I asked her if the engagement ring had a laser ray.  People laughed at that.  The bus was a happy place with people wishing each other Happy New Year.

Elizabeth wasn’t on my number 8.  There’s a waitress from Olive Garden who rides occasionally.  She’s getting a cold and has to work Sunday.  Neither of us was very chatty.  We wished each other Happy New Year.

I was glad to get home.  That was this week on the bus.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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