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I’m prominent boss, this is a murder and the victims blood is almost at my shoes, which are red.  The material and the shades don’t mix.”

“Where’s the body?”

“Here on stage.”

“In front of the whole friggin audience?”

“Now you know why I locked it down.”

“So you were just another member of the audience, enjoying the show?”

“Yeah and with a dream date too.”

“Oh this is just great.  A date to add to your list.  Don’t worry, I wrecked your partners day already, and she’s on her way from her fortress in Greenpoint.”

“Good Captain, cause as much as I like people, there are a lot of ’em here.  I’d be talkin’ to people forever and would never have another case.”

“Yeah Grimaldi, you can talk, that’s for sure.”

“And you can’t?  All those times in O’Reillys’ especially when you sing all those Irish ballads.”

“Touche Grimaldi, ya got me.”

“Oh, Blondie’s here, time to get started.  Later, boss!”

Blondie is Rosalie’s partner Detective Maria Poniatowski, also from Brooklyn.  Her nickname for Rosalie is Bugs as in Bugs Bunny.

Rosalie smiled at Maria.  “So much for our day off, huh?”

“Bugs, you look like a million bucks!  What’s up, doc?”

“Cute Blondie.  I felt like a million bucks until the fat lady didn’t sing.  Well the fat lady did sing she just didn’t get up AFTER she sang.”

“That sucks!”

“It does, there’s my date over there.”

Christ, he looks like Mr. Big in Sex and the City.”

“His look are great, her looks are not so good.  His looks no longer matter, he’s just another interviewee.  I have a conflict of interest now you get to interview him.  Try not to hit on him.”

“Oh very funny partner, would I do that to a friend?”  Don’t answer that.”

The opera spectators had been waiting for a while.  The curtain was closed so the spectators wouldn’t have to keep viewing the body.  Uniforms covered all the exits and tried to calm an annoyed, well heeled audience.

“”We’ll have the uniforms get the audience members to us.  Can’t imagine most will have anything for us.  The actors and other staff aren’t goin’ anywhere, they can be interviewed last.

Most of the audience was dismissed quickly.  All saw the fall, which was supposed to happen.  The question was why wasn’t the fall broken after the curtain closed?




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