You Might As Well Die.

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This is the second book in J.J. Murphy’s Algonquin Round Table Series.  Already looking forward to the third book in the series.  Did the failed artist jump from the Brooklyn Bridge or didn’t he?  So Dorothy Parker is off on another adventure with seances, and more dealings with the bootlegger Mickey Finn.

I’ve been a brat.  I told J.J. Murphy on Goodreads he should write a baseball book.  He told me one is coming. Then I told him he should write one involving members of the Harlem Renaissance, which was in the same time period.  You like my nerve? 🙂  I tell him what to write LOL!

I’ve thought of writing something involving the Harlem Renaissance.  I am already writing the plot ideas for my latest detective story that will take place in Harlem.  (I graduated from City College of New York and never paid attention to the neighborhood).  I helped someone with research in the Schomburg Library at 135th Street and Lenox Avenue and I’ve been to Sylvia’s.

I can see it now, in town, staying with my parents and my father asking me where I’m going.  Harlem.  Then I get the look as though I have three heads, all of them empty.  Yes, I grew up seeing a lot of that look.

Well read the book and I may think of something else to tell J.J. Murphy to write throwing the Round Table into something New York in the 1920’s.



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