January 13th, 2012 My Week on the Bus.

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Monday:  Full moon lighting up the sky.  Lee and I sat in the cold waiting for the number 11.  Those weekends go by too quickly.

Lynn told us she was going to be off, so we don’t have to tease her about cutting out on us.  A woman got on at 29th, who it turns out wanted to be on the 17, so she was going to take the 11 to Valencia and Tucson Blvd.

She asked me if I was mechanical, I said somewhat.  All she had were questions about her apartment lock.  I kept wondering if she would ask for my phone number at the rate she was going, but I had to get off the bus.  Also, my wife wouldn’t like it and my cell phone is strictly for emergencies.  It’s a Trac Phone and I don’t remember my number.

Coming home on the 11, Christina, Louis and James teased me about not having books for them.  James and I talked about Britain, India and World War II.  I’m reading a book by Arthur Herman called Gandhi and Churchill.

Elizabeth was on the number 8.  She and Fay went to the Mars rover exhibit.  It ended up being free, but it was not the real thing anyway.

At least Elizabeth has television and cigarettes.  All’s right with the world.

Tuesday:  On the 11 coming home, finished Gandhi and Churchill by Arthur Herman.  Quiet trip, beautiful day to have the window open on the bus.

Wednesday:  Going to work talked about some of the quality rules in certain call centers, wondered who writes these.  Coming home, it was another beautiful walk to the number 11. Loretta talked about some of the loopy passengers calling her today.  The driver told us more about how Sun Tran works out its routes.

Elizabeth and I watched as our number 8 drove around accidents and lunatics pulling out in front of the bus and two nutcases walking in the bus lane in front of the bus.  Another day.

Thursday:  Morning number 8 was the usual.  Bruce introduced me to his fiance and he pulled the bell at Alvernon.  I let him do it, because we always have hockey style face offs to pull the bell on the number 11 for Lynn.

It wasn’t as nippy this morning.  Lee and I were watching as the system over the traffic lights were tripped for  an ambulance.  My company has a similar product for gate operators so I know how it works.  The emergency vehicle has a tool that hits the frequency of the mechanism over the light.

Loretta was on the number 11.  Scary statement when she said our evening driver one day was greeted by an unpleasant surprise.  A used tampon in a seat on the back of the bus.  He called it in and was told, “Put on gloves.”  Nice, not!

We all decided with Lynn’s cheeriness, we will send her to Moscow to see if she can brighten people’s spirits in the Moscow Subway during the dead of winter.

Loretta is a character.  She’s a more wise ass version of my friend Rita.  Loretta was talking about having problems getting boyfriends when she was young.  I said, “Of course you had trouble getting boyfriends, your father was a policeman.  Can you imagine today with the tools in question he’d have today?  Loretta talked about an old boyfriend who called her from Hartford, Connecticut for New Years.  She said, “I thought you were dead!”  Nice, LOL!  I asked if she wanted him to be dead.  She said no, but like my friend Rita, She’s outlived all sorts of people.  She’s proud of that.  I asked if she’s killed them.  She said she’s never tell. 🙂

She was joking about having Bruce and me as boyfriends.  I said, “Oh great, a little black book.”  She told me I was out of it, Blackberry my dear, Blackberry.  She said otherwise, she would have different color books for different things.  Ah, like the signs in baseball.

She told us about American Airlines routes that may be cut.  One is the route to Dehli.  She said a male Indian will ask two questions repeatedly.  Do you have my discount and do you have my special meal?

Let me explain.  In my past running a library branch, one day, a customer came in and I heard the lilting accent,” No, no I want to speak to the manager.”  My staff had done nothing wrong.  He wanted to be served by a man and the boss.  Loretta and I both think these guys aren’t happy they’re being served by a woman.  I can only imagine a high caste Brahmin getting the Fatted Calf, beef as their meal.  That would be ugly at 35,000 feet.

I work with a beautiful woman and she drove me to the bus stop at Valencia and Country Club coming home.  I’m married, not dead.  The driver was teasing me, saying you got on too soon.  I told him a beautiful woman drove me to the bus.  He could understand that.

Christina was teasing me about not getting her free book.  She warned me James broke himself.  When he got on in front of Coventry at Valencia and Palo Verde, I saw the brace.  “You broke yourself!” I exclaimed.  He told me he walked into a file draw.  He’s being working there for ten years.  He just wasn’t paying attention.  I said, you could have been hurt playing Rugby that would’ve been more interesting.  There was an Army Vet from Pittsburgh sitting with us.  He told us stories about Joe Namath and how he almost married Broadway Joe‘s niece.  He said he was glad he didn’t marry the woman he disliked Namath that much.  Then Wayne got on at Sears.  We were having way too much fun teasing Christina about being ornery.  We talked about the Bible and Moses not being allowed in the Promised Land and Cain and Abel.  Imagine, Moses looks up at God when being shown the Promised Land, but he wont get there.  Moses looks at God.  Nice!  You wrenched me from a comfortable life with Pharaoh, made me leader of this cynical bunch and now you aren’t gonna let me claim my victory?

Or Cain and Abel.  God knows who did it, he doesn’t have to play homicide detective (I’m watching The First 48 as I’m typing this).  Can you imagine God condemning Cain and Cain looking up at God and saying, “Yeah I did it, I couldn’t stand being near my brother.  Do what you gotta do.”

I missed my number 8 and watched it pull away.  Wayne and I were waiting talking about the Gandhi and Churchill book and how Churchill saw himself as a failure, as the man who lost India.  We talked about the Middle East, then Wayne got on the Wilmot-Pima bus.

The Harrison bus I ended up on was eleven minutes late and he had two passengers in wheelchairs.

The bus had a strange vibe.  All the lights were on, but the clouds outside made it look grim.  Strange folks talking about losing major money and what seemed like criminal schemes.  Didn’t feel threatened, just seemed strange.

I thought of Elizabeth.  Fay turned twenty today.  Elizabeth said she was looking forward to it.  I also thought of them when thinking about criminals and the bus.

Fay’s boyfriend is looking at serious Federal charges, because of getting involved with people he met on the bus he shouldn’t have become involved with.  Nuff said.

Friday:  Buses were empty, wondered what the occasion is.    Coming home on the 8 Elizabeth and I were just being silly about silliness @ her job.  Glad it’s Friday.  That was my week on the bus.



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