January 20th, 2012, My Week on the Bus.

Monday:  Today is Martin Luther King Day, so the buses are pretty deserted.  Was tired and not feeling very chatty.  Was depressed by the dead cat on Palo Verde coming home.  Made Pandora’s greeting me coming home that much more important.

Tuesday:  Lee told me she had a confrontation with the man with dreads Lynn, Sara and Loretta had trouble with.  It was at Alvernon and Broadway in rush hour.  She got off the number 11, he was there, asked for a dollar, and when Lee didn’t give it to him, he called her all sorts of rude names and followed her to the SE corner to the number 8 stop.  There were two empty liquor bottles, one half full one and broken glass everywhere.  The cabinet that has the free apartment guides had been strewn everywhere.  There was still some broken glass when I got on this afternoon.  Lee said the bus driver of the number 11 she got off heard the obscene language and ordered him to move on.

A Sun Tran worker showed up to clean up.  Lee said she was glad to see him and pointed to the man.  After the Sun Tran worker cleaned most of it up, he stayed for quite a while, then he told the man to move on and the next time, he would be arrested.

I told Bruce he was a slacker for having the day off yesterday.  I prompted Lee to tell her story.  Next time, just call 911 at once.

Then we talked about people trying to get money out of people.  Lee said she gave someone her used up Day Pass and that person was grateful.  If he’d said, no I just want money, that would’ve been a likely possibility of a scam.  One guy was standing in the middle of a street pretending to be blind.  Lee’s friend pulled over and was going to guide him across the street, until he started his story of needing money for his mother’s funeral.  Suspicious already, as it’s gonna take a while to hustle for a funeral that way. Another car screeched to a halt and a man got out screaming “Don’t give him any money!”  The man turned out to be an off duty Tucson Police Officer and knew the panhandler.  He said “John, I’ve warned you, next time you’re going to jail!”  Makes it tough to be compassionate.

I was laughing about not going to work, but no I can’t get workman’s comp if Martha runs me over with the bus when I get off.  I said that and Martha shivered.  Not good to have the driver hear that.

Loretta took small bags of Pistachios out of her bag and throwing them to us.  I always said we would work for peanuts, no pistachios.  I said none of this was all it was cracked up to be.  Loretta didn’t miss a beat and sang Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t.  We had a newbie on the bus and she got a bag of pistachios too.  I told her we were the morning crew and it’s always like this.  A Sears employee laughed when I rang the bell for Lynn.  She thinks the face off Bruce and I have over that is amusing.

Coming  home, it was beautiful to walk to the bus.  Christina was on the 11 with two people I didn’t know, I just threw in comments about her not being allowed to play in the sandbox.  She laughed, but otherwise, I was finishing MIT professor Sherry Turkle‘s book Alone Together Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.  I’ve read other books by her (she’s a psychology professor, specializing in how technology affects us).

On the number 8, lots of kids, little kids and funky teenagers and two derelicts.  It was a busy day.

Wednesday:  Bus going to work was quiet.  On the 11 coming home, I sat with Loretta, and we chatted briefly. Bus was jammed was lucky to make my number 8.  Was glad to see Elizabeth and James of all people.  Was just my usual silly self.

Thursday: Coming home I was entertained by Christina just being her usual ornery self.

Friday:  Martha, our morning number 11 bus driver brought doughnuts!  How many out there have their bus driver buy doughnuts?

Coming home it seemed like a holiday.  My buses were empty.

My week on the bus.

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