February 3rd, 2012 My Week on The Bus.

Rumpole of the Bailey

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Monday:  A Sun Tran employee was marking down how many passengers there were on the bus.  Don’t mess with my bus!

On my number 11, no Loretta or the woman who works in the coffee shop at UPH.

I only made my number 11 coming home  by two minutes.  Louis had a download about Donald Trump possibly running for President as an independent.

There was a really bad accident on the Palo Verde bridge over Aviation Highway and the Union Pacific tracks.  Four ambulances.

Another ambulance turned in front of us at 22nd.  Busy day for first responders.

Luckily my number 8 was late as well.  Finally got to see Elizabeth.  She has an interview in my workplace on Wed.

Tuesday:  Missed my regular 11 going home, but too tired to care.  I finished reading John Mortimer‘s fiction about my favorite English barrister, Rumpole of the Bailey.

Wednesday:  Lee is still having trouble with her eye from Monday when the garbage truck blew dust all over the place.  Our bus was subdued, forgot to ring the bell for Lynn and she looked at us.  Still no Loretta.

Coming home on the 11 a veteran Sixth Grade teacher gets on the bus with me.  He told  me he had to attend a workshop about why vocabulary should be taught in school.  Two trainers were flown in from Vermont, and substitutes had to be hired for the day.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Christina was on the bus, we talked about her move.  Elizabeth was on the number 8 and we talked about her interview in my place.


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