My Look at the Super Bowl.

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This year’s commercials didn’t impress me.  The only one I really enjoyed was the Pepsi commercial with Elton John as the King.

OK, for many reasons I was rooting for the New England Patriots.  The first offensive play from scrimmage, Tom Brady is called for intentional grounding in the end zone.  Really?  That is barely called in the regular season.

For my readers who don’t understand American Football, when you are tackled in the end zone, the other team scores two points.  Then to add insult to injury, the team giving up the two points has to kick the ball off to the team gaining the two points.

The Patriots finally managed to take the lead.  Survived the half time show with Madonna, and the second half comes down to the wire.

Now for the first time in my years of watching and playing American Football, I saw something I still can’t get over.  The New York Giants (yes, they really play in New Jersey, but that is an old discussion), were inside the Patriots ten yard line.

This was a situation where the Giants strategy was NOT to score the touchdown.  Why, you ask?  The aim was to eat up the clock inside the ten, run the thirty second clock down and then kick a chip shot field goal, allowing the Patriots as few seconds (if any) on the clock to go back on offense.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw understood the Patriots weren’t trying to prevent him going into the end zone, but his momentum carried him in.  Most of us wouldn’t have been that disciplined.  All our training tells us to get that touchdown.

Well the Patriots got the ball back, and Tom Brady threw the Hail Mary pass that didn’t work.  If the Patriots catch it in the end zone, they win.  Oh well.  The anguished cries were heard from New Haven to Burlington and Burlington to Calais, Maine, “Mother of God!”   This includes my father in law from the next world.  What a game.

Doesn’t help that Tom Brady’s other half went off on folks, including teammates.  It may be a long off season in Patriot Land.



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2 Responses to My Look at the Super Bowl.

  1. Kevin was over the moon about the win Mike. Nice post.

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