February 24th, 2012 My Week on the Bus.

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Monday:  Lee is back.  She has shingles.  What a mess.  I was tired.  Our number 8 had almost no one on it.  It’s President’s Day.  Our number 11 was quiet.

My number 11 going home Loretta sat behind me but she is burned out going home.  I finished my book I was reading Saturday by Jeffery Cohen, It Happened One Knife.

My number 8 driver coming home nearly hit this idiot on a bike, who turned from Alvernon into Broadway right in front of her.  I told her I would vouch for her if she had hit him and she was grateful.

Tuesday:  Lee told me a story that made me laugh like a loon.  A woman calls and asks, “When will my package be delivered?”

“Sometime between 9 am and 7 pm.”

“That isn’t good enough, I need to know, because we are pulling my aunt’s life support today.”

You can’t make this stuff up!  A funnier version would have been, she gets the package, opens it up and it’s lingerie.  She shows it to her aunt and says, “I’m running off with Darryl.”  They don’t have to pull life support, her aunt just keels over and dies.

Coming home on the 11 we were teasing Christina.  Friday we are gonna party, cause she will be gone.  Loretta was on the bus both ways today.  She was telling us about winning large amounts with the lottery, but she has been playing for decades, so we aren’t sure if she has broken even.

I got off the number 8 at Wilmot to go to the library.  It was warm today.  Got the books on reserve, the librarian told me about the ebook training they will do.

My bus coming home had the newer seats, didn’t need to make the express.  Nice and comfortable.

Wednesday:  Lee still isn’t feeling well.  Shingles is hard and makes you tired.  She had to go home from work early yesterday.  If we have a mess in the Middle East later this year and the United States gets involved, she could end up back in the  United States Army (she served as a Lt. Col.).

The number 11 bus going to work has become a rolling comedy group.  Loretta had a picture on the phone of a bunch of seals on the bus and said that was us. It was kind of cute and funny.

Coming home on the 11, Loretta was on.  It was Christina’s last day on the bus, before her move to Florida.  I didn’t see Loretta at first, I was facing Christina, Louis, and James T.  Suddenly, I am grabbed. Loretta pulled me into a seat.  “She’s tired of looking at your butt,” Christina said.  I may miss that wiseass behavior LOL!

Christina said she is moving from a dry to a wet heat.  I said, “If you melt, we’ll know you’re a witch.”  I warned the guy sitting on the other side of me, Loretta was a cannon.  Don’t cross her, they are still looking for the last person who crossed her.  Shouldn’t give the secrets away.

The number 11 looked like a war zone.  People would think the driver was driving dangerously and bouncing us around.  The guy next to me was cleaning a stall at the Rodeo, which is going on now, (the kids are off from school tomorrow and Friday), and a horse kicked him in the face.  You could see the scars on his nose where the horseshoe scratched him.  Blood on his clothes and torn pants.  He will be back at work tomorrow.  Shouldn’t h0rse around I guess.  The second person rides with us occasionally, she was tripped by her dog and spent hours unconscious, bleeding on the floor.  She woke at night, felt her way to the kitchen light turned it on and saw the pool of blood.  Her dog was all over her.  Animals try to take care of their humans.  Having two cats, I know that.  She broke the bone above her nose and has two black eyes.  She was very lucky.

We were making wisecracks about the year and the alleged end of the world later this year.  If the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in October, I scan the skies for the Four Horsemen.

Christina said her six year old grandson can’t wait for her to arrive in Florida and wants her to sleep in the room with her.  I told her, the childhood monster will already be in the room and there go the poor kids’ formative years.  I’m going to miss the sarcasm.

On the number 8, I finished the Robert Hughes book on Rome.

Thursday and Friday, quiet, week over.


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