Looking for Abraham Lincoln.

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I saw this on PBS today.  The show’s actually called Looking for Lincoln.

The host was Professor Henry Louis Gates along with Professor Doris Kearns Goodwin of Harvard University.

It was an interesting look at President Lincoln through his life.  Especially his racial attitudes and the President being the Great Emancipator.  While he argued for having free blacks in Illinois, he also defended a Kentucky slave owner, whose slaves escaped to Illinois.  There were the famous debates between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.  I once had an old paperback called Lincoln and the Russians, that was based on the papers of the Russian Ambassador to the United States at the time, Eduard de Stoeckl.  Abraham Lincoln won the Republican nomination, then brought his three rivals into his cabinet.  I enjoyed the book Team of Rivals.

I added the part about President Lincoln’s attitude toward African-Americans, because I’m friends on Facebook with the author of African-American History of Dummies, Ronda Racha Penrice and I wondered what she would think of what I am about to say.  At the end of the two hour show, the question was asked, “Would Jim Crow have been avoided and full integration have come sooner?”  President Lincoln wanted to ship the African-Americans to Liberia.  The students in Walter Payton High School in Chicago said it best.  President Lincoln has to be understood in context to his place and time.

A great series, watch if you missed it and discuss it.


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  1. My favorite book of all time is, “House of Abraham– Lincoln and the Todds a Family Divided by War”. Stephen Berry’s wit and wisdom takes the reader on a remarkable journey through the painfully human struggles of this incredibly intelligent man.

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