Tossing The Caber

The caber toss event at the 2005 Whidbey Islan...

The caber toss event at the 2005 Whidbey Island Highland Games. The implement is seen in mid-flight just after being released by the competitor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were in San Diego, one of the International cottages in Balboa Park we visited was the one for Scotland.  I have a cousin, who takes part in Highland Games and tosses the Caber, but at least I know where it came from, other than just showing off.

The heaviest Cabers weight 175 pounds and the aim is less being able to lift it than throwing it and landing it properly.  The purpose was to be able to throw a log across a mountain chasm.

Because Monty Python has ruined my life, I thought of two routines that could be tough.  The first is the Python skit where the Blanc Manges are turning Englishmen into Scotsmen, because Scotsmen are allegedly bad at tennis and the Blanc Manges intend to win Wimbledon.

The second I can imagine the writer George MacDonald Fraser playing with.  He had a series about the man he called the dirtiest soldier in the British Army, McAuslan.  I can imagine McAuslan dropping the Caber on his commanding officer  and not deliberately either.



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