What Really Happened When Columbus Landed.

Christopher Columbus, the subject of the book,...

Christopher Columbus, the subject of the book, was an explorer and one of the first European founders of the Americas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Native Americans on the island of San Salvador were having a barbecue suddenly an overpowering odor of unwashed men came over them like a choking miasma.

They looked out at the three Spanish ships and thought, “Those are the biggest canoes, we’ve ever seen, but we didn’t think the Gods smelled like that.

On the flagship, Christopher Columbus after the cry of “Land Ho” said “I smell people, and my they smell bad.”

Greeted by the sight of the three ships, the natives did the most intelligent thing they could do.  Hid.

When Columbus’ men landed, they were baking in the hot tropical sun in their armor.  Landing on the islands with the cannibalistic Carib Indians could be quite dangerous.

“Come out come out wherever you are, I know you’re out there!”  Columbus shouted.  Then he took a scroll out and told the natives what their future will be.

This is the New World Order.  You will bring us all your gold.  Then you will dig up the island.  You will work for us, priests will make you Christian and at least if we work you to death, your souls will be saved.”

“They plan to rob us, one Indian said to another.”

“Keep your voice down,” another hissed.

Too late, Columbus heard, you know the rest.



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