Trayvon Martin Case, The Latest.

Florida Supreme Court Building, Tallahassee, F...

Florida Supreme Court Building, Tallahassee, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me start off with what I’ve said before.  If George Zimmerman only listened to the 911 dispatcher and let the police do their job, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I was watching Piers Morgan tonight, when he had Alan Dershowitz on, speaking about Zimmerman’s attorneys quitting.  It seems as though they weren’t able to do their job.  We don’t know where George Zimmerman is.  Well we know where Trayvon Martin is, nuff said.

OK, here’s where I see this standing:

The Sanford Florida Police and the Seminole County States Attorney:  They may have been clever in passing the buck.  People were going to be angry with them no matter what.  Why not pass the buck to where in Florida it has to stop; Governor Rick Scott.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey:  Oh does she have a job ahead of her.  I didn’t know that in Florida, you only have to present a case to a Grand Jury, unless this is First Degree Murder, which obviously this case isn’t.  She can get a trial, but what if she can’t get a conviction?  Is she then blamed for being incompetent?  Does Rick Scott take the blame, or does he get away with throwing Angela Corey under a bus and the Sanford Police and Seminole County States Attorney look like political geniuses.  Governor Scott needed this case like he needed a hole in his head.

Florida Law:  I’m not an attorney, but I am asking the following question.  Does Second Degree Murder for example, outweigh Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law?  I can see a concoction brewing in the Florida Supreme Court and Florida Legislature.

President Obama:  Where does he enter this?  When he made the comment that if he had a son, the son would resemble Trayvon.  Heartfelt and well meaning, but you can see where some could take that statement as he was choosing sides and hinting of Federal involvement and desiring a conviction.  I don’t see how the Federal Government could get involved in this.

NBC and the 911 tape-Shame, but with our modern technology, you can be backhanded and take whatever you want out of context.

George Zimmerman-Is there a chance he could flee to his mothers family in Peru?  I

don’t know the answer to that.  Is he using his new website to get a higher profile attorney?  Who wants the job?

Trayvon’s parents-They seem like dignified people who didn’t need this.

The U.N. Human Rights Chief:  She needs to keep her own house in order.  I suspect she doesn’t like Americans anyway, but that’s another story.

Troublemakers of all stripes:  Always come of the woodwork in situations like this.  My friend Renee just posted on Facebook.  She’s right.  Can we go back twenty years and say Rodney King riots?

Hopefully, saner heads will prevail.

Ozzie Guillen-Oops, wrong Florida event, needs another post.

Trayvon Martin-The poor kid is still dead.  I hesitate to use the common saying “He’s in a better place.”  Cause it didn’t have to happen.




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