Camp Molecule.

Boston Red Sox Cap Logo

Boston Red Sox Cap Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Camp Molecule is better known as summer camp for chemists.  Every other year ending with an odd number, conferences in different scientific disciplines are held across New Hampshire.  They’re known as Gordon Conferences.  


You can see from the website they are held in other places now, but the ones I know of are held in New Hampshire.

Camp starts at the International Terminal at Logan International Airport in Boston.  For those who remember summer camps, you have the buses.  You have to make sure you get on the right bus.  New Hampshire is small, but not THAT small.      Public transit is sparse if you end up on the wrong  bus, so pay attention!

Your driver needs a cigarette to steel his nerves driving through Boston traffic. In other words, your chemicals need to be stored in the bus storage bin before you board.  He is also listening to a close Red Sox-Yankees game on the radio, so respect his nerves.

The first stop is just over the Massachusetts-New Hampshire state line.

The state liquor store.  The Europeans go wild buying the inexpensive liquor.

The conference is fun, but use your chemicals in the approved areas.  Misbehaving chemists will be thrown in the pool of Benzene Rings, so mind your carbon atoms.  There will be lectures and whiskey.

And there you have Camp Molecule.












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