Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Bonnie Prince Charlie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember reading How The Scots Invented The Modern World by Arthur Herman.  He described how Bonnie Prince Charlie came to Scotland to lead his rebellion against King George II.

The French, who had been stirring up trouble with their rivals across the Channel for centuries landed the Prince on the Outer Hebrides islands.  He was greeted by a MacDonald chief, who told him the country wouldn’t rise for him.  Many would’ve taken the hint and returned to the ship.  Not Charlie, who sent the French ships away and moved on.  He was now committed.

The rebellion made it into England, to Derby, 130 miles North of London.  In other words, it almost succeeded, mostly because of the lack of British troops in the area.  That problem was quickly solved, as Charlie sulked when his generals moved the rebels back into Scotland for the Winter.

Charlie thought he was winning, but he didn’t know what was coming.  Only when he rode on to the field at Culloden and his aide Lord George Murray muttered they were putting an end to a bad business, did Charlie look up at the line of redcoats and take notice.

Charlie was not a brilliant man and a drunk.  He escaped, unlike many of the unlucky Scots who sided with him.  He went to France, then Italy, where for decades he drank himself into a stupor.



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