Why Napoleon Gave Up Haiti and the United States Got The Louisiana Purchase.

     Napoleon was in his Parisian quarter with his famous pose, hand under coat.  He had more of a stomach upset than usual.  Reports were coming in about how badly his troops were faring against rebelling slaves in Haiti.  (Well, rebelling slaves and yellow fever).  Some French muskets proved to be no match for dive bombing female mosquitoes.  Hell hath no fury like…

     Haiti had been France’s wealthiest colony.  It produced more sugar for food and drink and keeping dentists busy than anywhere else.  Now it drained Napoleon’s treasury.  “I want to conquer Europe!”  It was a major tantrum.  What do do?

     An idea.  Let Haiti go.  Only a few planters will be angry and the ones who haven’t been massacred were royalists anyway.  Contact my good friend Thomas Jefferson.  No Haiti?  I don’t need all that land in America.  Bah America!  Uncivilized!  Europe is where it’s at!  (Napoleon might be singing a different tune today).

     He gave Jefferson a real estate deal he couldn’t refuse.  All that land, for all that money to conquer Europe?  Ya gotta love it!




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