The Green and Orange of Ireland.

 Flag of Ireland.svg

William of Orange.

From the BBC

The meaning of the Green.

   This may seem self evident, but I’m friends with a bright young lady at work I am educating.  Thankfully, Candice has a sense of humor.  (She’s Mexican-American, so I am educating her about Irish history).

      No, this is not a story about green sea sickness and orange liver problems.  For that, check out WebMd.  

Click on Irish Flag for the Wikipedia article.  

     Green in Ireland is easy.  It is everywhere and used to push the ancient Celtic culture.  Orange is for King William of England.  Why Orange?  Orange was the place in the Netherlands he was originally from.  He led the Protestant armies that culminated with the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.  Basically lots of oranges rolling across green fields.

     Much of this like much of what I write is tongue in cheek.  That history is tragic and if the white in the middle of the flag symbolizing peace works, that would be great.

     Start with that, Candice.


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One Response to The Green and Orange of Ireland.

  1. The flag was origianlly a golden harp on a green background!! William of Orange deposed the only Catholic King of England, James 1st. Then his followers became know as Orange men. I believe the Orange Day parade is coming up in June in Northern Ireland. It was always a day of trepidation, fighting and sometimes loss of life ensued. Thanks Mike.

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