Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee

Illuminated city buildings.

Well, here it is, CNN an American network based in Atlanta, Georgia, showing live a performance on the Thames in London.  A friend of mine is in London and was planning to attend the ceremonies, so I have my plant in the crowd. 😉

There must have been no American news that day.  No story about Mitt Romney or the Atlanta Braves or Coca Cola.





So we watched it rain on the Thames, though the chorus of the London Philharmonic was great.  The history buff in me is trying to picture Queen Victoria’s jubilee, when the Empire was at its height.  Or through the centuries, different monarchs sailing up the Thames.  I am trying to imagine some late 16th Century Londoner standing on the riverbank.  “Well did you see anything?”  “No, too bloody foggy and wet.”


See, those flags could be on the mall in Washington if we aren’t careful, though you have to admit, the Thames is a more interesting setting for a party.

What’s the big deal with the rain?  Happens in the Pacific Northwest all the time.  Bill Cosby once said they get rain tans.  That’s what Ben Gay is for, to loosen those aching joints.

Bill Crosby-DLL-138449.jpg



I just finished reading the Niall Ferguson book Empire.  No more empire.  I watched the regatta and thought the Royal Navy is now prepared to fight…(Pregnant pause like the Knights who Say Ni from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), a yacht club! 🙂


It was so nice to see the Queen graciously agree to have a jubilee so the security forces could practice for the Olympics.

Guess I should post a picture for the Queen as this IS her party.



What did I learn?   See the rogues gallery below:   Piers Morgan is angling to be our Prime Minister.

Piers Morgan


Should customs allow him back when he returns? 🙂  Richard Quest wants to be our Minister of Finance.  

He is posing as a construction worker or lumberjack. 🙂



Niall Ferguson is already hiding in plain sight at Harvard.  

Brooke Baldwin took one for the CNN team and got sick.  Feel better, Brooke!  Just remember English food is heavy and you can’t go swimming ever again.  (Another case of how Monty Python has ruined my life.  Back to the Holy Grail.  Dear sweet Brooke, martyred for the American cause.  But I’m not dead yet.  I am writing the book about Python ruining my life in my copious spare time.  All part of the British invasion.  More insidious than Redcoats, but I need to post more stuff about the complexities of that dust up).


Wake up my American brothers and sisters, we are being Anglophiled (is that even a word)?  Right before our eyes.

It was fun though.  As you folks across the pond say Good Show!




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