Rashida Jones Part II

Because I’ve had many hits about this, I thought I would post an update.  I was reading Dr. Henry Louis Gates‘ book where he traces the DNA of well known people based on his PBS show.



English: Photo of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

English: Photo of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I remember Rashida’s Mom Peggy Lipton from the Mod Squad when I was a kid.  It was touching seeing them visit the site of the massacre of Latvian Jews in World War II.  I was also interested to see, the family name Benson was created the way my Grandfather ended up with the surname Israel.  My Grandfather was Josef bin Israel or Joseph, son of Israel and their ancestor was Avraham bin Benjamin.

They were on the NBC show, Who Do You Think You Are?  Mike NIchols the comedian was on Faces of America.

Mike Nichols

I’ve read that Forty Percent of Ashkenazic Jews are descended from four women who lived in the Rhineland about 1000 A.D.  In the show with Mike Nichols, it was shown that ten percent of Ashkenazic Jews are descended from one woman who lived in Israel about the time of Christ.

Amazing how far back things can go.  What prompted to write my previous tongue in cheek, What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us, a takeoff on Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Where DNA, history and a silly look at it meet.



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