Some of What I Wrote in Moriarty Life and Times of a Criminal Genius.


I want to share the reviews I’ve had for the book and appreciate all of them.  Click on the link.



Reviewer Hardit Singh was most helpful.    I have to admit, with my scenes of the Boston Brahmins and Oscar Wilde I was over the top.  Wilde was not the weakling I made him out to be.  I portrayed Wilde that way just to show how evil the Professor could be.

Thanks to my friend Kerrie Droban for the review.  Kerrie is a major author of fiction and true crime.

Mr. Singh is right.  Professor Moriarty may have thought himself a Robin Hood for the Irish, but he was a baddie.  None of this is in the Sherlock Holmes stories, I was trying to give the Professor a purpose.

My psychologist friend, Dr. Rita Pettiford said it best.  I portrayed Moriarty as a narcissist.  In my book, he justifies what he does for Irish causes in general, his mother and his father’s memory in particular.  In other words, not completely self-centered, but no Mr. Nice Guy.

I might do some more papers and exchange between Professor Moriarty and Dr. Freud.

Sigmund Freud


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


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