The Naughty Philosopher on Fifty Shades of Grey.


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This is not a book I was planning on reading.  Many of my friends kept saying I should read it.  Others said I would be wasting my time on a poorly written book.  You may not like my politically diplomatic answer, but both sides had their points.

OK, the Naughty Philosopher took the plunge.  The quality of the writing has been commented on before.  I thought the book could have been a bit shorter.  The writing was sloppy, no question.

The premise?  I had a hard time believing how naive Alexandra Steele was in this day and age.  The cynic in me thought her friend and roommate knew about Christian Grey and his interests, and bugged out, setting her friend up to do the legwork.  A friend who was a journalism student said if she had that opportunity to interview a mogul like that, by God she would have pumped herself full of Vitamin C and gone to that interview.  It would have been a short story though.  The same friend said, if my daughter were like Alexandra Steele, she would have never been allowed out of the house again.

I have to admit though, Alexandra develops a backbone and negotiating skills as the book went along.

Because of something I may talk about one day, I’ve learned about control and power.  Having said that, I was enjoying the idea of Alexandra working out her being naive and finding ways to control the controller.

Christian Grey sir, you are no gentleman.  If Alexandra Steele were my sister and this had been 1812, instead of 2012, we might be meeting on a field of honor.

After reading this book, I did some research about BDSM.  I am not condemning this, but have to admit I don’t understand it.  My research showed me the psychology and possible physical and genetic reasons for people enjoying this lifestyle.  Apparently, it is the equivalent of a runners high.   Your Naughty Philosopher is fairly gentle and cannot imagine hurting a lady.  I wrote a little about this when I wrote about the British actress Lara Pulver playing Irene Adler in the new Sherlock Holmes as a dominatrix it is hard for me to imagine it.   Pia.jpg

You would have to say the book covers Alexandra’s growth.  It is a shame she is written as someone with so little confidence who has to develop it later.

Will I read the sequels for Fifty Shades of Grey?  Half of me isn’t sure I want to devote the time, half of me figures, I’ve taken the plunge this far, I might as well see it through.

Am I being tough on the writing quality and editing?  Yes, but I am even tougher on my own.  Watching the Olympics is making me think about that sort of thing and pushing oneself to be better.

I realize I’m rambling, but reading this book brought a lot of thoughts out for me.


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I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and now live in Tucson, Arizona. I have discovered a passion for writing. I have five books out now, with a sixth on the way. Take a look @ my book list: The Search for Livingstone An Affair of the Heart The Search for Otzi Griffith Justice in Space. Moriarty The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius Available now on Smashwords - Amazon and Barnes and Noble As to not bore my public with just "Buy my book," I am also interested in baseball, the outdoors, art, architecture, technology, the human mind and DNA. I learned Ashkenazi Jews, of which I am one, have to lowest rate of Alzheimer's in the world. Therefore, I treat my brain as a muscle needing a workout. I enjoy good food, flirtation, beautiful women (I am happily married for thirty years), so just flirting ;) I was considered autistic when I was young, trying to figure out if I have a mild form of Aspergers and learning from that. That is for future posts. You can also see I love history. Enjoy my sarcastic silly look at the world, and making History more interesting than a textbook.
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4 Responses to The Naughty Philosopher on Fifty Shades of Grey.

  1. Jean says:

    One of the best reviews of this book I’ve read. Though I haven’t read the book, I feel your review is fair and completely unbiased. Thanks for filling in some of the holes about this book for me, Mike.

  2. tucsonmike says:

    Thanks Jean. I will be honest, I went into it expecting to be horrified. The heroine got better. I am still going to write my silly version of what COULD have happened to the heroine.

  3. Very well said! And in the nicest of ways too! As a writer and knowing some of the background of this book it is hard to be objective. You were able to carry this off.

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