The Mouse That Roared

     This was a novel by Leonard Wibberley made into a movie starring Peter Sellers.    

The basic movie plot is this tiny pre industrial European Duchy defeats the United States in a war.

Only thing that comes to mind when I read the news about Julian Assange and

Ecuador.  Ecuador,   the mouse that squeaked.  A little like Pandora, the cat picking on me.

Ecuador squeaked in their United Kingdom embassy in London’s well heeled Knightsbridge neighborhood, with Harrods right there.  So the diplomats and Julian Assange can enjoy all the luxuries most Ecuadoreans probably don’t know exist.


You can see Sloane Street on the Google map.  And hordes of angry Sloane Rangers. 🙂  

It is sooooo bothersome.  We cannot easily get to Harrods without these…People on the pavement!


I knew one Ecuadorian.  In college.  Her name was Consuelo Jaramillo.  I used to tease her about being the human form of the Muppets Miss Piggy.  Hey, I have a book coming out where my character imitates Miss Piggy.  The Muppets are another thing that has ruined my benighted existence, along with Monty Python.

miss piggy - misspiggy2_241x300.jpg    

Consuelo, mi amor, you aren’t behind this, are you?  🙂

Will the London Met place Special Constables in front of the embassy.  I read in another book (ironically about the sexual history of London), that the actor Ballard Berkeley was a Special Constable in World War II and told a story about a horrific scene during the blitz, where he had to go through the dead at a nightclub.  If you are a John Cleese fan you remember Fawlty Towers.  Ballard Berkeley played the dotty old Major, almost a thinner Colonel Blimp.  Can you imagine him in front of the Ecuadorean Embassy.  “Fawlty, we are cleaning that lot out.”  “Major,” Fawlty says with strained patience, “It is an embassy.”

“Balderdash Fawlty.  Blocking the way to Harrods, it just wont do.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said with a wicked smile.  “We are setting the mouse traps now.”


There may still be protesters in front of the embassy, along with the coppers when I next visit London.  Some protesters may not like Americans.  Well y’all, I can be there and will be happy to make y’alls acquaintance.  😉



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