Bernard Shaw, Dukakis Slayer.

When I read the Douglas Brinkley biography of Walter Cronkite, he told a story about Uncle Walter watching the last debate when Bernard Shaw of CNN

Asked Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis THE question:

In the Cronkite biography Douglas Brinkley wrote, Uncle Walter threw  his popcorn in the air and cried “Game over!”

The Youtube clip has the exact question, but I will paraphrase.  Governor Dukakis, if your wife were raped and murdered, would you favor the death penalty?

Some felt Bernard Shaw’s question was inappropriate.  I disagree.  Michael Dukakis made such a big deal about the death penalty, he was fair game.

The result was an election Governor Dukakis should have won easily was lost.  A month before the election.

We know the result of his tepid response.  What if Michael Dukakis responded in another way?

Nineteenth Century style:  Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina caned Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate.  Dueling experts felt Senator Sumner was too low in social standing to challenge to a duel.  A 1988 duel might have been interesting.

This would not be needed but you could understand the emotion (though this certainly would not have been Mr. Dukakis’ style).  Blowing up with obscenities.  You f****g SOB!  F*#k you!  Who the f(#k do you think you are?

I know I would have been enraged.  I would have tried to restrain the cursing, but it would have been hard.  I always say use the curses for when you REALLY need them, otherwise, they are rendered useless.  But I would have let loose.  If not then, when?

By doing that, Michael Dukakis may have still lost, but at least he would have shown some backbone.

This is  he is; Bernard Shaw, Dukakis Slayer.  Sometimes, the Dragon wins!




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