Napoleon Goes to Moscow.




Not long ago, I wrote about how the Charton part of my family ended up in Poland.  Imagine the march to Moscow now.

History Channel now tells us there was a mini Ice Age at the time.  Napoleon didn’t have as good weather forecasters.

Czar Alexander basically said, “Bring it on.”  He knew he could play on Napoleonic hubris.  Rules, especially Russian rulers who are paranoid about invasion, (two hundred and fifty years on Mongol rule did it to them), who say bring it on, might just have a winning card up their sleeve.   If Napoleons’ men knew about this, they might have thought twice.

The French must have seen St. Basil’s and the Kremlin at a distance and it must have looked like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.  

Take a look @ this website I found and the description of Napoleon.

Alexander was holding the cards though.  Scorched Earth.  Most of Moscow was evacuated and Napoleon entered an empty city.

This means they left no food for the French.    Real safety was one thousand miles back the other way.

Napoleon’s men may not have been in on the planning of this, but they knew what the result might be.

Winter came early because of this little Ice Age.  The men were attacked by Cossacks.  They bled and starved.  A disaster.

So my ancestor called it a day in Poland.





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