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Photo portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson ...

Photo portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Oval Office, leaning on a chair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife just lost an election in our writers group.  You lose, the people have spoken and you unite.  Our politicians could learn the same lesson.

Hopefully, the Republicans can learn some lessons.  The Democrats had to learn them.  There was an article in the Atlantic Monthly fifteen years ago that predicted the Democrats would split into four parties.  Bill Clinton brought the party away from the extreme left and brought more of it to the center.

The Republicans cannot remain the party of angry older white guys (hey I am an older white guy, lol).   Georgia, Texas and my home state of Arizona are on their way to becoming  Democratic Party states.

The Republicans have good ideas to offer if they are not drowned out by extremists.  Of course, the Democrats have to be careful of the same thing.  Most people live at the center.

The country is changing, face it.  The United States has had changes throughout its history.  This is another one.  If you are angry about the changes of the population, there is a man you can blame, though you would have to dig up his skeleton.

When LBJ (President Lyndon Johnson for my overseas friends) signed the 1965 Immigration Act, most Americans were against it.  So for those who are angry about the changing complexion of the country, blame LBJ.  Surely the Republicans don’t want to be marginalized and become like the remains of conservative Afrikaners in South Africa.  History has a problem.  It doesn’t stand still.

The United States is still also the country immigrants want to come to.  Even with anti American governments worldwide.  Why don’t we take advantage of those skills we need and bring them in?  It is a bit like a long term employment commitment.  Take care of those who will build you.

There is an interesting idea for an experiment.  Those who know me know my interest in genetics for positive things (my goal is to trace my DNA, just to enjoy the journey).  I’ve read there are genes for entrepreneurship and wandering.  Besides resumes, blood tests.  It sounds Orwellian, but it needs to be done with tight rules.  Hey going to the Moon was once science fiction.

Whoever has the genes, it has nothing to do with skin color or national origin.  What happens when you get the person with these genes, who lives in a more communal society, in which they were always the misfit?  Wont that society be happy to rid of them, but their particular makeup will work here.

Mitt Romney was right about small business being a mainstay.  Let’s do this as an experiment and let those from elsewhere who fit culture and ideals come.

For the United States is built on the ideas of the Founding Fathers.  We are not built by family, language, and religion.


The present struggle of blue vs. red state goes back to the beginnings of the republic.  Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson.  The easiest answer to this is Hamilton wanted big business and centralization, Jefferson small town and states rights.

Again people are welcome to add to this.



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