Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

Sir Humphrey Appleby

Sir Humphrey Appleby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, two brilliant British Comedies have been on Public Broadcasting, (Channel 6 KUAT television in Tucson, Arizona).  I’ve always enjoyed the show, but with age, there is more understanding.

Yesterday, the episode with the empty hospital was on.  The Compassionate Society is the name of the episode.    The hospital has no patients, but to Sir Humphrey, the head of the Civil Service, that does not matter at all.  He can take any seemingly moronic situation and make you believe in it.  The hospital has  no patients but five hundred on the staff?  You have to have the staff before you have the hospital.  All five hundred?  What if there is an epidemic?  You can go on like this.

Sir Humphrey sees his role as making sure the minister is the PR man and pushes for the department.  For goodness sake, you don’t want Jim Hacker coming up with his own ideas.  Ministers come and go.  Sir Humphrey reminds Bernard of this all the time.

Anytime you watch you will learn something about life in general and people’s interests.



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