L.A. Story You Have to Fight for It.

Taken from http://pdphoto.org/PictureDetail.ph...

Taken from http://pdphoto.org/PictureDetail.php?mat=pdef&pg=8099 Hollywood Sign – 2004-05-22 The Hollywood sign seen from Hollywood Blvd. Camera: Canon D60, Lens: Canon 100–400mm IS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading the history section of the Wikipedia article, History of Los Angeles.  It seemed to be only somewhat peaceful when the original inhabitants, the Gabrielino Indians were a hunter gatherer society.  Then   us nasty Europeans showed up.  For mistreatment in the 1780’s, the Indians rose up.  The Spanish administration of the pueblo protected them for one important reason.  Cheap labor.  No altruism here.

Then the United States won the Mexican War and there were atrocities.

Nice to know it wasn’t just Spain and Mexico.  Los Angeles was considered the toughest city West of Santa Fe, according to Author William Robinson.  Some of the remaining Mexicans rose up to fight Anglo abuses and were hanged for their pains.

Then there was the 1871 Chinatown Massacre.

The early Twentieth Century brought labor strife and the Water Wars.  You had corruption, then by World War II Zoot Suit riots and then William Parker building what became the image of the Los Angeles Police Department.

You had the 1964 Watts riots and the 1992 Rodney King Riot.

You have a history of different groups having to fight for jobs housing and their right to be there.  These were the violent struggles.

Have not even attempted the struggle of a dream.




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