Gun Control; A Little More Thought Out.

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve never owned a gun.  I grew up in New York City where getting a handgun permit would not have happened for me.  Yes, I could have obtained one illegally, but we wont go there.  When Bernhard Goetz was found guilty  in 1984, he was only convicted for having the gun.

No one in my family hunted therefore, rifles weren’t part of my life either.  I had no opinion either way about them.

I’ve lived in gun oriented regions now and know people who hunt.  It would be wrong to take their guns away.  After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, assault weapons are another matter.  You wouldn’t use them for hunting.

Gun aficionados say they use assault weapons for target shooting.  OK.  You can only use them at an authorized range and you have to leave the weapons at the range.  Think of the Swiss Army in that case.

I think politically we can have Federal law for background checks preventing felons and the mentally ill from obtaining firearms.  There should be rewards for people to qualify with firearms.

Armed guards in schools?  Can that many be provided for all the schools in the nation?

If skilled people have firearms, it makes us less likely to be tyrannized.  Remember Ronald Reagan, “Trust but verify.”  Someone who means ill will think twice about attacking the United States.

I wont argue the Second Amendment here.  I’ll leave that to the lawyers and maybe the electorate.  I don’t think politicians want to touch this issue.  When the Second Amendment came about, ninety percent of the American population was rural and they had muskets.  Pistols were for the well off.

A firearm is a tool.  You wouldn’t play with a chain saw either.


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