Green Bay Packers coming back out onto the fie...

Green Bay Packers coming back out onto the field. Lambeau Field]. #18 is quarterback Doug Pederson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kickalicious is a video of a twenty-eight year old Norwegian  Havard Rugland.

See the December 29th, 2012 New York Times article for more details.

The history of American football in Norway.

Meet the Oslo Vikings

I want to know several things:

1.  Is the video real and not Photo Shopped?

2.  Does he play on an organized team now?

3.  If he is that good, is there a reason he didn’t try out for the NFL sooner?

4.  Has he played in a blizzard?  (Think the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field).

5.  What about kicking under pressure, with defensive players in his face and trying to block his kicks.

The Jets are giving him a tryout.  I grew up as a New York Jets fan for American Football.  The cynical part of me sees this as another Tim Tebow.  It will blow up in their faces.  There’s confidence for you. 🙂


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