Let’s Play Soccer, Brazil vs. Peru.

Amerindian woman and child in the Sacred Valle...

Amerindian woman and child in the Sacred Valley, Andes, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Palin, formerly of Monty Python just finished a series about Brazil.  Sabine Hyland, Professor Extraordinaire studies the Inca Civilization.  So here is another silly look from me, Brazil vs. Peru, playing soccer against each other.

Brazil is flat and steamy, Peru is up and down the Andes Mountains.    Brazil had small Native American groups, Peru a massive civilization (In some aspects possibly more civilized than the Spaniards who destroyed it).

The World Cup is in Brazil next year.  Brazil is the world’s best soccer nation.  How will Quechua and Aymara Indians (The Inca Descendants) fare in Brazil?  If the Brazilian team went to Peru, can you imagine them playing?  Make the site of the game, Macchu Pichu.  There I said it, 8000 feet above sea level.  The Brazilians would be playing folks that see running up and down mountains as routine.  (They must have really big strong hearts).  The Brazilians would get heated up quickly, but would collapse with no substitutions.  “Whose bright idea was this,”  the Brazilians, cried.

In Brazil, the mountain players wouldn’t have the interruptions of sheer drops they are accustomed to.  Should be interesting.

OK, I would bet on Brazil.  I’ve been silly long enough in this post.

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