Some Silly World Looks.

Mk3A TSO 12121

Mk3A TSO 12121 (Photo credit: Tutenkhamun Sleeping)

I will start with a word play.  Chinese gangsters.  The obnoxious Fujianese Fuk U Tu and Suk Mai Dik. Pork Mu Shu, the Sichuanese gangster like the Fat Man in the movie Casablanca. General Tso chickened out from his duties. Beef Mongolian is like a bull in a China shop and out of control.

There was a news story about Burmese Pythons released in the Florida Everglades.  I thought the new Burmese leader

Aung San Suu Kyi liked us.    What did we do to piss her off?  Is this a Burmese Marine invasion?  Just snakes slithering in the grass.

     Fareed Zakaria is in Davos. He said he interviewed one king seven prime ministers and one head of state. And a partridge in a pear tree?  Now, he is interviewing King Abdullah II of Jordan.  Now there  is a man who needs Alka Seltzer.  He had  Iraq, Syria, the West Bank surrounding him.    King Abdullah fears (and rightfully so) a Taliban type government in Syria.  The rebellion in Mali is bad enough.  Timbuktu is not worth a lot of bucks.  (One of my father’s wisecracks when I was growing up was, I am inspecting coastal defenses in Timbuktu.  Surprise, you never knew Mali had a navy on the Niger River).  Or Tim Buk Tu, could be another cheap Fujianese gangster.  See Chinese gangsters.






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