Photographer Jessica Hilltout Africa and the Democracy of Soccer.

Cover of January, 1915 National Geographic Mag...

Cover of January, 1915 National Geographic Magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I purchased National Geographic today.  One of the articles was about soccer in Africa.  (Ironic that I read this the day of our Super Bowl).

The 2010 World Cup was the first on the African Continent.  It was played in venues all over South Africa.  Belgian photographer Jessica Hilltout has taken photographs of boys playing soccer all over Africa.  The kids are not stupid.  They show ingenuity in making soccer balls.  Jessica Hilltout has been bringing them equipment.

Soccer is that most democratic of sports.  People and a ball.  I was amazed to read in National Geographic how long soccer has actually been in Africa.  The game has simple rules and almost everyone can participate. 🙂

Take this a step farther.  In the United States, Major League Baseball teams have baseball academies in the Dominican Republic.   Why can’t Benfica have an academy in Mozambique Manchester United in Lagos, etc.  The academies would also provide good schooling, thus helping those governments out for the kids who do not end up pros.  Seems a fair way to use the human African resources and all win.


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