Richard III

It’s been all over the news.  The skeleton of Richard III was found when a parking lot, (or what the British call a car park) was dug up.

Yes, I will participate in the bad joke about where Richard III was parked.  I remember my father’s friend and colleague Professor  John Shorter was complaining about having to park in a multi-story car park in Hull.

At least it wasn’t a multi-story parked on top of King Richard.

A couple of silly signs from Facebook.

Photo: Leicester City Council have already been updating their signs!

Inquiring minds want to know.  What’s the penalty for burying a dead monarch?


Photo: My own feeble effort:

OK, who IS responsible?

Then there is Blackadder.  First Blackadder episode The Foretelling, he cuts Richard’s head off.  Someone wasn’t paying attention.

Richard is pulled out of the grave and The Constable wants to fine him for loitering.  “Do you know who I am?”

” Sorry, sir.  You look like a cut up bag of bones to me.”

“I’ll have your head.”

“Come along quietly sir.”

When Richard is pulled out of the ground, he sees a group of people from the Indian Subcontinent.  The King is staring.

“Where am I?” King Richard mutters.



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4 Responses to Richard III

  1. Lovely take on dear “old” Richard:-)))

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