A Pistorius Lot is not a Happy One.

South Africa national rugby union team (sevens)

South Africa national rugby union team (sevens) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Pistorius lot is not a happy one.  I got the phrase from the Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates of Penzance song “A Policeman’s Lot is not a Happy One.”

Sadly now, it is more than one Pistorius; not just the famous one, Oscar Pistorius.  His brother is in trouble from previously hitting and killing a woman on a motorcycle with his car.  Allegedly, he was driving erratically.

Here though, we will concentrate on Oscar and his travails.  Unlike O.J. Simpson there is no question here, Oscar killed his girlfriend, the beautiful talented Reeva Steenkamp.

Please let me add the following caveat.  I’ve been to South Africa.  It was sixteen years ago.  I sat with Laurie’s family and watched the Springboks play a match (rugby) on television.  I understand what sports figures are to South Africa and Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner, is the largest of them all.  For Americans, he is not like O.J.  It is as though you combined every possible American star into one.  Also, in this case there is no question; Oscar killed Reeva.  The question is, was it deliberate or a terrible accident?

He had been arrested for assaulting a woman in ’09; that was dropped.  If you’ve ever played sports, you understand being pumped up (he may have had chemical help).  Keep in mind what he had to overcome to get where he is.  Hard drive.  Pushing himself past all those naysayers.

Plus, I am glad to see certain things in South Africa don’t change.  Gated properties there are not just for the wealthy.  There are also many more firearms per capita than in the United States.  Crime is a major problem.  Actually, I have answered one of my questions, I do not think it was deliberate, but fear and a pumped up Oscar firing blindly.

Also, Apartheid may be gone, but look at the interest here.  The players are not just all white, but all Afrikaner.  A South African cultural play laid out before you.  I am making no judgments here, just what I see so far.  Will there be comments about this.  This couple was a South African power couple.  Heck of a way to break up.

At the moment, we have the other Oscars on.  The ones from L.A.  Just saw another South African interviewed.  Someone named Charlize Theron.

Ag shame.


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