The Biggest Pricks in the World

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Monty Python’s Life of Brian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course there is Biggus Dickus from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

This is a little more serious though.  The three biggest pricks in the world probably really were.

I’m reading Scottish journalist Alistair Moffat‘s book The Scots, a Genetic History.  The three men I have in mind have the most descendants.

The first is from Ulster in Northern Ireland.  Niall of the Nine Hostages.  Twenty percent of Irish men carry his Y-Chromosome.  When Harvard Professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates was arrested, it became known both he and the arresting officer are descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages.

The second is from Scotland.  A Viking named Somerled.  He is the founder of Clan MacDonald.  He had 500,000 descendants.

The third and biggest prick of them all is Genghis Khan.  Allegedly 8% of the Y-Chromosome between Hungary and Manchuria is his.

The biggest pricks in the world would more than prick you.


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