More on The Bible.

Sorry, but my warped sense of humor is getting in the way.  Was Noah worried at all with no rudder and compass?  His family sure was, and rightfully so.

When the Ark landed on Mount Ararat, Noah found he couldn’t talk to the local Armenians and they couldn’t talk to him.  The Armenians were displeased at the newcomers and the animals in the Ark relieving themselves on the Armenians carpets.  There were no trade goods the Armenians wanted.  Noah and company really had no idea where they were.  I guess Noah was afraid to ask God for directions.  OK we are leaving Noah on the mountain.

Now we come to the city of Ur.  There was an old TV show with Eddie Albert and Zsa Zsa Gabor called Green Acres.  He wanted to move to the country, she didn’t want to leave Manhattan.

God chose Abraham for reasons known only to him to pack up and move to the wilderness of Canaan.  Sarah, Abraham’s wife liked living in the city.  (Today, the majority of the world population is urban).  Now there is a sales job for you.  Lot’s wife decided she hated Canaan and they moved to another urban center, Sodom.  Heck of a place to raise a kid.


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