Why Ireland Should BEG to rejoin the United Kingdom!

Location of the United Kingdom within Europe a...

Location of the United Kingdom within Europe and the European Union on the 1st of January 2007. Polski: Lokalizacja Wielkiej Brytanii w Europie oraz w Unii Europejskiej w dniu 1. stycznia 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I understand the centuries of repression by the island across the channel.  Has joining the European Union done any better for Ireland?

See the blogpost by my friend Loretto Horrigan Leary on a recent outrage in Ireland.  The title is How Bad is The Situation in Ireland?  Pretty Bad.

Also click on the post The Future in Europe.

Why rejoin the United Kingdom?  It is closer and after reading Robert D. Kaplan‘s          The Revenge of Geography, I realized Geography will win the end.

In the United Kingdom, England will be the dominant partner, because of population.  Or will it?  What guarantee is there that English regionalism does not come to the forefront as well.

Professor Moriarty would not approve, but would also be confused.

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4 Responses to Why Ireland Should BEG to rejoin the United Kingdom!

  1. The Irish government did this to its own people Mike, not the people of the country. And to be very honest, our own government here in the US would be quick to do the same.

    The property boom and crisis in Florida is a replica of what happened in Ireland. The only difference is Ireland is a small country that owes money to Germany and France, more powerful nations within the EU. There are many other EU countries just a hair’s breadth away from a similar situation, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy: give it time and time will tell.

    As for the Irish rejoining the British Empire, it will never happen. They don’t want us. The natives of other British dominions followed them home. They don’t need nor can they afford more mouths to feed. And there’s many Irish who would rather let their stomachs reach their spines before they’d return to English rule. It will never happen.

    • tucsonmike says:

      It’s a shame, Loretto. I wrote the post as a wake up call and a case for geography. There’s no guarantee joining the U.K. would prevent other abuses. It is more a case of where the the Irish people can thrive best.

  2. Bob says:

    I would rather die, no that’s not a joke.

    • tucsonmike says:

      Thanks for replying Bob. I was hoping to get some reactions, but I’m just a Yank. 🙂 The idea for the blog originally came from the latest book by Geography writer Robert D. Kaplan. I defer to my good friend Loretto and her answer. Bob, may I ask, are you of Irish descent? (I’m not, but my better half is). I wondered with the Celtic Tiger going bust and and problems in mainland Europe, are Ireland’s natural Geography and trading more with Europe? Again thanks.

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