The Vikings on History Channel.


viking (Photo credit: What What)

Yesterday, I finally got to watch The Vikings on History Channel.  The best way to describe it is Eighth Century pillage, rape, and murder.

The Earl, played by veteran actor Gabriel Byrne, sends his men out every summer to plunder.  Nothing romantic about it; it’s theft by violence.

Ragnar Lodbrok (who was real and a major raider) has the foresight to want to explore to the West; whereas his lord wants to keep raiding the Eastern Baltic Sea.

These are brilliant seamen, but violent and dangerous.  How accurate is it?  I leave that to the historians.


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4 Responses to The Vikings on History Channel.

  1. Irene says:

    Long time ago, I made a study of the Vikings. Last name Peterson, I thought I’d better learn about my husband’s peeps. Yes, they were bloody and violent within themselves and certainly with others. They pillaged and raped…all those blond Sicilians are Viking spawn! They explored and established trade routes. They were extremely clean about their persons and women were treated as equals. Women could divorce their husbands without fear of some ugly retaliation, like murder or scarring.
    No one with a deformity could be chief. They kept slaves known as Thralls. They considered priests bad luck and would heave them overboard in a storm to appease their gods. They are perhaps the only culture whose time of the gods ended…Ragnarok.
    If the show depicts these “qualities”, it’s a good one. (Sorry, the history teacher coming out.)

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