Cain and Abel

Church of the Transfiguration on Ilina Street

Church of the Transfiguration on Ilina Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Bible was on, I thought of Cain and Abel.  More silliness from me.  While Cain and Abel were not covered in the History Channel series, I thought about the story and realized the metaphor in it.

We don’t know if the story really happened.  Wasn’t this more an attempt to teach how dangerous jealousy is?  How many murders are committed because of jealousy?

Then there is the Mark of Cain.  At one point, God tells Cain to stop being downcast, he has to work for the blessing.  Is this also supposed to be a metaphor for sibling rivalry?

If God had been a homicide detective, he would had this wrapped up before his doughnut and coffee.  Then again, there were not many people in the world.  Not many to investigate and if you watch the First 48 on A&E, you watch how the homicide detectives profile the victim to look for the killer.  It’s a no brainer who killed Abel.  It could only be Cain.

Now, Cain has the Mark of Cain, like the Scarlet Letter.  In my warped imagination, Cain just asks God, “Why not just kill me?  An eye for an eye.”

God is annoyed.  “Cain you always wanted the easy way out.  You thought you deserved special honors as older brother.  No, you will live your life on MY terms!”

We still have sibling rivalry, jealousy, and sometimes murder.  And the band played on.


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