More on North Korea.

Demilitarized Zone, North Korea

Demilitarized Zone, North Korea (Photo credit: yeowatzup)

The Toronto Globe and Mail had a detailed article about why China continues to back North Korea.  China could pull the life support tomorrow, why don’t they to along with the “Do Not Resuscitate” order?

The Pillsbury Doughboy, sorry  I mean North Korea ruler and his generals know just how far they can push.  It is not as though North Korea is grateful for Chinese help.  China lost one hundred thousand men, including Mao’s son, enlisted as a private in the Korean War, but because of the North Korean policy of Juche (self reliance) this is not discussed.

OK, why does powerful China tolerate the insolence from the little punk, sorry “leader” of North Korea?  The fear that thousands of starving North Koreans will pour across the Yalu River.

You ask how North Korea has this massive military but people are starving?  I can’t help but think the starvation is calculated.  If you are starving, you don’t rebel.  You’re too busy trying to survive.  China does not want a united Korea as a rival on its doorstep.  China is working to rebuild its old tributary system.  If they have to wait two generations for it, so be it.

Also, this is not the former East Germany.  When the North Korea regime collapses and the rest of the world goes through it to pick up the pieces, we really don’t know what we are going to find.

So if James Bond captures the little punk, what do we do with him?  My friend, children’s author Karl Waterbury, thinks after we strip him of his steroids and forcibly cut his hair we need to run him through a giant washing machine, twice on the spin cycle, to make sure he and that coat get washing.  We also have to take his Dennis Rodman doll away.

He erects missiles, because his body can’t provide the other type of erection.


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