David Goldman How Civilizations Die, The Thirty Years War.

English: Triple Portrait of Cardinal de Richel...

English: Triple Portrait of Cardinal de Richelieu Français : Triple portrait du Cardinal de Richelieu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember learning about the Thirty Years War in Europe as a basic Catholic vs. Protestant.  The argument David P. Goldman makes in How Civilizations Die is more complex.  Two churchmen, who helped to build the French state were Cardinal Richelieu and the Capuchin Father Father Joseph du Tremblay.

If I were being less serious, it sounds like a hockey game with players on Les Habitants, the Montreal Canadiens.  No, this was very serious and very fatal.  According to Goldman, Aldous Huxley probed the Thirty Years War for the causes of Europe devouring its people.

Forty percent of the German population were killed in the war, mostly through starvation.  Huxley realized in his studies, these victims were not collateral damage, but much of the purpose.  The French wanted to be Europe’s Christian power.  You would have thought the French would be allied with Catholic Austria.  No, Austria was a rival.  France was happy to work with Protestant Sweden.  Goldman also explains that Jews ran into problems because all these European rulers wanted to be the Chosen People.  This sounds like the B Western movie, this town isn’t big enough for the two of us.

And the band played on.


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