Knowing When to Fold Them.

Tim Russert, host and moderator of "Meet ...

Tim Russert, host and moderator of “Meet the Press” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One statement I enjoy from Tim Russert‘s book, Big Russ and Me.  He was talking about his Jesuit high school in Buffalo, New York, Canisius High School.  He was talking about punishments sometimes not being fair.  Tim Russert went on to say, there will always be unfair things; treatment from your boss, a call strike three in a baseball game or not getting elected to something you wanted.

Our society is based on trust.  If you look for “righting the wrong” in every situation, we’ve become Iraq, where if it is not in your family or tribal group, you don’t trust it.

Why am I bringing this up?  We walked over to the strip mall next door to do errands.  For those who don’t live in Arizona, I need to explain, that you can buy filtered water, a gallon for fifteen cents or five gallons for seventy-five cents.  There was a man filling and a woman who suddenly got out of her car.  Do not really know who was there first, and does not matter any more.  The point is, I had one five gallon jug, she had six one gallon, I asked if I could go in front of her, she said no, and I tried to just force my way in.  You can judge whether I was right or wrong.  This machine has better tasting water to my wife and I.  My wife came out of Walgreens and said “Let’s go to the other one.”  What I want to know from you, my readers is, “Did I lose face by leaving, or did I do the right thing to prevent an escalation that could prove me wrong and derail me from what is important?  If I acted like a jerk, please don’t hesitate to tell me.  I cannot ask for your opinion dear reader, then only take the ones I wanted.

A friend of mine almost got himself in trouble.  He is always driving people where they need to go.  He had three women I know in his car, he was taking on errands.  He pulled in somewhere, and wanted a particular handicapped parking space a homeless woman was camped out in with a shopping cart.  He is always ready to fight for his rights, got angry and started honking the horn on her and yelling at her to move on.  (The ladies talked him out of it, and a good thing too).    I told him it was a good thing they talked him out of it.  Why?  Perception.  We are back to Tim Russert and fairness.  This man is big.  If someone called the police, the first officer would have taken one look and called for backup.  If her argued with the police, HE would have been the one going into custody, not the homeless woman.  It is called Perception.  Whether he was “Right” would not have mattered.  What if he had resisted arrest?  OK, dear reader, you’ve figured out where this is going.  As Kenny Rogers sang in The Gambler; you have to know when to fold them.



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