The Real Problem with Abercrombie & Fitch—How Jeffries’ Message Hurts Us ALL

The Real Problem with Abercrombie & Fitch—How Jeffries’ Message Hurts Us ALL.

This comes from my friend and writer Kristen Lamb.  I was not going to post, but wanted to add.

My Mom taught at another private school from the one I attended, so I was able to attend on half tuition.  I was definitely not one of the rich cool kids.  I was picked on a lot.  I didn’t fight back much to prevent from being expelled and shaming my parents.

I hear peer pressure is even tougher today.  Kristen mentioned many of the “cool kids” are hurting inside?  When you are on the end of their barbs (if they even acknowledge you), it is still hard to care.

What we need to teach our kids early in anti-bullying classes is, how to be who you are, and as long as it doesn’t harm someone else.

This way the kids in the chess club can be safe in their group.  Kristen, you should have charged the cool kids for help with their science homework.  Your skill could have been withheld.  You still wouldn’t have been cool to them, so keep it businesslike.

There is no point in gloating when the cool kids fall by the wayside.  You knew you were coll in your own way all along.  You were just drawn differently.

What I am telling the non cool kids to do isn’t easy.  You will find though, you make it through the hurt and you come out on the other side thinking, “I know what I am about.”

My fifties has been like a second childhood.  I know who I am.  Find out who you are.


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