Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury. A Silly Look.

English: W. S. Gilbert's illustration for &quo...

English: W. S. Gilbert’s illustration for “Now, Jurymen, hear my advice” from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a major Gilbert and Sullivan fan, but cannot help having fun with it.  I will start with Trial by Jury.

The basic story is this:  It’s a civil case, that is a breach of promise of marriage.  The jilted woman, Angelina is suing, Edwin.

The judge has the jury there and his audience.  You can also imagine the Muppet Show doing this.  If you were in West Africa, you would call them “Praise Singers.”

You could have Rumpole of the Bailey defend Edwin, but in this case he should stick with small time crooks like the Timson’s and their ongoing feud, with the Malloy family.

The judge is no paragon of virtue.  He used his mentor, married the mentors daughter to gain his position, then kicked her to the curb.  In another time, there might have been a duel.

Angelina is treated with the ultimate compassion.  What Edwin doesn’t tell you is his mother made him ditch Angelina.  “What kind of name is Angelina for a proper English girl?”  (Think Dame Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey).

Edwin is just lucky this is the Old Bailey in London, and not the Cochise County, Arizona courthouse (Original one was in Tombstone).  Then, Edwin would have been taken out back, hanged, and Boot Hill Cemetery is nearby.  There are some interesting tombstones in Tombstone’s Boot Hill Cemetery.  What would Edwin’s say?  He didn’t get the girl?  Moral of the story; a Man’s handshake has to be his word?

Edwin lucked out when the Judge married Angelina and Edwin was just written off as a bum.



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One Response to Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury. A Silly Look.

  1. Love it … need to share with all my fellow legal types!

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