May 19th, 2013, some morning silliness.

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Yesterday, I was watching a cooking show and they were talking about the invention of Buffalo Hot Wings.  I only had one question.  Does that mean thousands of chickens are wandering the streets of Buffalo, New York with bandages, begging to be fed?

I posted this on Facebook and my friend, Casey-Lynn chimed in shaking her fist at me.  Well she told me she was shaking her fist at me, as I could not see this and she is across the world.  My lifelong family friend Phil Troy, throws his two cents in the pot to help.  I introduce them, telling Phil, Casey-Lynn lives in some country near Indonesia and New Guinea.  (If you haven’t figured out which country it is, you have a homework assignment.  Find a globe and/or atlas).

Phil had ideas for Thai and Indonesian hot sauces, I thought New Guineans only ate other New Guineans.  (I hear they go great with lemon juice).

Well hopefully, we helped our our Queensland Australia friend.

Allegedly, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught smoking crack.  Many of us remember the capture of Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry with crack.  There you have it, a Tale of Two Cities, two mayors and they weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

North Korea fired four missiles, that landed in the Sea of Japan.  Tough way to go fishing and make sushi at the same time.


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