George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, The Upcoming Trial.

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Interstate 4 – Selmon Expressway Connector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I haven’t morphed into Nancy Grace.  That niche and brand is already well covered.

I’m not a legal scholar, but I want lawyers and especially my friend Tereza Eliasz-Solomon to weigh in on this.

First question.  If a 911 dispatcher tells you to leave well enough alone, are you legally obligated to do it?  If so, it opens the window to criminal charges for George Zimmerman.

If not legally obligated, George Zimmerman was on his own.

OK, does the Florida Stand Your Ground Law, outweigh anything else?  If it does, then what George Zimmerman did wasn’t criminal, just dumb.

Please weigh in and comment.

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5 Responses to George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, The Upcoming Trial.

  1. Maralyn Waters says:

    You are NOT legally obligated to do what a 911 dispatcher says. George Zimmerman was entitled to defend himself. He had the injuries to prove he was under attack. His injuries fit his account a few minutes after the incident. Martin had no injuries other than the single bullet wound and, maybe, some injuries to his knuckles. Zimmerman is claiming self-defense in the upcoming trial. He should win.

  2. I am honored to weigh in my dear friend and writing colleague. If the police dispatch tell you to cease and desist – you do just that. Zimmerman did NOT “stand HIS ground” [which by the way is not a valid law to begin with] … George Zimmerman pursued his victim and as such I believe is killed of manslaughter. To your point – if police arrive on the scene and a person is armed in defense, the police can shot that person if they disobey orders to “back off” – even if rightful action to protect themselves – because then the police are in charge and not the person they came to safe!

  3. Sorry- mistake above: “… I believe is GUILTY of manslaughter… “

  4. tucsonmike says:

    Thank you, my friend!

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