The Funniest Work Call I’ve Had.

El Paso, Texas Ysleta Border Inspection Station

El Paso, Texas Ysleta Border Inspection Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely post about my rent paying job, but today was so funny, I am breaking that.

A vendor I like and work with on the phone called me.  He’s in Dallas.  The first words out of his mouth were, “Someone has returned a full gate operator, and he’s in your lobby.”

This gentleman, like me can be a wiseguy; so at first I laughed.  Then his tone got serious.  “No, he really is in your lobby, with an entire operator.

The operator was sold to a company in El Paso.  OK, nothing strange about that.  I found the call for troubleshooting by the technician in El Paso.  OK, my colleague said it was a bad motor.  Now the entire operator was allegedly in Tucson.

My friend in Dallas thought the operator was actually in Mexico.  Normally, that isn’t an issue.  In this case, we wondered, about bringing the operator through customs.  We will deal with that later.

“Now I need to find a supervisor, so I put my friend on hold.  I ran into my supervisor and the head of the Quality Department coming up the stairs.  I teased my supervisor, saying I wasn’t looking for you.  He’s used to that.

I told him the situation and he went off to the warehouse.  I would get back with my friend later.  My supervisor returned saying, all the warehouse people saw was paperwork and the people bringing the operator were gone.

That’s fine, but my Dallas friend called while I was on lunch, saying they were back.  The must have gone to lunch and returned.  My supervisor also found out they came from El Paso, not across the border, and it was three men, two women and four kids.  Sounds like a regular party.

This ended with getting them a new motor just before the credit department and warehouse closed, otherwise we might have been looking @ a Mexican standoff for the weekend.

The entire process took four and a half hours.  Kept me out of trouble kinda sorta.


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