An Irish Wake and Some Gaelic.

English: Possible reconstruction of the flag o...

English: Possible reconstruction of the flag of the Saint Patrick’s Batallion of the Mexican Army in the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Loretto Horrigan Leary posted about the first wake she attended as a child.

In Jewish tradition, we don’t have wakes.  I’m married to an Irish American and I remember the first Irish wake I attended.  I was an adult, so much older than Loretto was at her first wake.

I do not deal with dead bodies much.  (A friend who was living with us died in the house, but that is another story.  Yeah, the Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times,” sometimes fits me).

Anyway let me provide the link for Loretto’s blogpost, my first wake.  It is called My First Wake.

All the wakes I’ve been to have been in funeral homes.  After a while, you know the body is there, but you socialize.  When my grandma died, my parents were out of the country, so my sister Debby and were just brought behind a screen to identify her.

Now, for the Gaelic.  Loretto posted the exclamation when the body was lifted.  An corp raibh a thabhairt cac.  Direct translation from Google Translate is “The body had to shit.”

I am bringing this up because it made me realize knowing different Indo-European languages sometimes helps.  An=the, a=to.  Your basic articles.  Corp=corpse.  Cac=shit.  That one, I figured out from Yiddish.  My Cousin Don said he couldn’t vote for Michael Dukakis in ’88, because his name has Kaka in it.  President Shit, how wude! 😉

I like the direct translation from Gaelic.  It illustrates the fact the soul that was this man was gone, and the body, like any mammals body took over.  No wonder the Irish are such great storytellers and writers.  Part of why I admire things Irish.


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